New Cars Predicted to Launch in 2020

The launch of a new car is the thing that has been waiting for when entering the new year. Not a few are even quite curious. Especially for those of you who really intend to buy or replace your old car.

1. Daihatsu Rocky

Since being introduced at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the name Daihatsu Rocky has been constantly being discussed. This is inseparable from the big name of the Rocky variant Daihatsu Taft which once existed in the 1990s.

2. Nissan Leaf

Different from Daihatsu, who still kept Rocky’s presence a secret. In fact, Nissan has confirmed that it will launch the Leaf in 2020.The car was even introduced in the middle of last year. Leaf will also be the first electric car launched by Nissan.

3. Nissan Kicks

Not only launching 2 electrified cars, Nissan will also launch another new car in the form of a compact SUV, namely Kicks. The presence of Kicks itself is planned to replace Juke in the Southeast Asia region.

4. Toyota Prius PHV

Next there is the Toyota plug-in hybrid car, the Prius PHV, which has joined the market for the launch of a new car this year. The appearance of …

Suzuki Equator- The Best Truck By the Company

Suzuki Equator- The Best Truck By the Company

Suzuki Equator ranks 4th among the compact pickup trucks. The truck mostly got mixed reviews from the users because of equally received plus and negative evidences regarding its performance. Though it is more recognized and has more attractive features than its competitors, still some things are lacking behind. The main competitor present in the market for Suzuki Equator is Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline. Tacoma, because of its loading capacity and powerful engine has made its market well. Similarly, Ridgeline has been acknowledged very well due to its smooth driving and safety point of view.

Coming to this truck, it is a mid-size pickup truck. It is available in two trim levels. One is the four door crew cab or two door extended cab. The power of the engine is less as compared to its counterparts with a mid-size standard 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. The horsepower (hp) produce by this engine is just 152 which is less. Optionally one can have a 4.0-liter V6 engine which produces 261 hp more than the standard one. The engine is much criticized and has been regarded as in-efficient fuel user. Both of these trim levels are …

Drivers Licence

Drivers Licence

Drivers licence is a legitimate termed documents(s) that enables a person to operate some vehicle coupled with a motor on a public roadway. The laws as to who will be given the licence vary with country to country and with different jurisdiction. In some province a person has to pass certain written and practical tests before handling the drivers licence while in others a person may be handed over the licence before he/she learns to drive the vehicle(s). To grant access to different types of vehicles different sets up licence have to be achieved by the concerned person. In some countries the person may have to give certain driving test to get the licence; which may require him or her to undergo serious driving experience.

Some of the tips mentioned below can help you to pass the drivers licence test successfully:

The first and formal step that you should follow should be to get a professional driving trainer. Nowadays many instructors are available online and offline as well. If you are enquiring about the instructor online then you ought to conduct an extensive research and then submit your application to them. You may have to first apply for …

Owning and Maintaining a Luxury Car

Owning and Maintaining a Luxury Car

So many of us love the image and power which goes hand in hand with owning and driving a top of the range or classic luxury car. Nothing compares to the sheer power, luxury and impeccable driving experience. It is true that in today’s tough economic and financial climate that the outlay, overheads and general expense of owning and maintaining this type of auto can be prohibitive. Remember that there are all manner of add ons, accessories and embellishments which you know you will end up desiring so keep this in mind before making that huge purchase!

It is worth remembering that depending on the car make and model, its maintenance could end up being more expensive than you imagined as some finishings and fixtures could be rare or need to be specially made. You also need to think about winter storage for your vehicle and make financial provision for a garage. There are so many aspects to think about however with correct planning , both financial and logistical, a classic or luxury car can become an excellent hobby!

It’s a daydream that we all have to ourselves at least once in a while …

Driving Theory Test And Practical Test Advice

Motor Coach Driver- a Necessary Aid For Your Safety

Motor coach drivers operate in providing the assistance to their passengers locally over long distances. Motor coach driver are excellent driving coachers that persists safe and secure driving to the customers or clients in long distances visits. So you must be attentive when you are long distance outdoors. Many of the intercity coaches are instructed in which the motor coach drivers are working as guides. So most of you all require the training classes before you become a motor coach instructor for your tourists.

If you are interested to become a motor coach driver you should get under the training courses. The training courses for the drivers coaching long lasts for about eight weeks. For training classes usually the employers are appointed for giving the training under the diploma courses. These types of diploma courses are decided to be carried out in some institutional places. There is no restriction of getting any particular degree from universities or colleges for getting the training under these courses. You know as a bus driver you are responsible for working properly in driving as it is very clear for you to know that all the …

How To Spot The Changes To The 1969 Corvette

How To Spot The Changes To The 1969 Corvette

Do to the criticism of the 1968 Corvette, Chevrolet worked to resolve those problems for the 1969 model year. Numerous quality control and construction problems were addressed. The door panels were redesigned to increase interior room. Overall fit and finish improved in the ’69 model over the ’68.

In 1969 Chevrolet included a fiber optics system on the center console that enabled the driver to monitor the lights function. The Corvette’s engine statistics, including horsepower, torque, displacement and compression ratio were displayed below the shifter. The ignition key moved from its 1968 location on the dash near the upper right corner of the tachometer to the steering column in response to new anti-theft regulations. Power steering had become popular with a majority of Corvettes so equipped in 1969. Shoulder supports are gone so the top of the door panel is narrow and flows straight down to the arm rest. Headrests become standard do to DOT regulations. The steering wheel diameter went from 16 inches to 15 inches while the wheel size increased one inch from 7 inches to 8 inches.

Engine choices for the 1969 Corvette were mostly the same with …

Breakdown Cover The Menace of Potholes

Breakdown Cover The Menace of Potholes

Having the forethought of breakdown cover is a god send in the case of a major break down, saving you the effort of arranging all of your own recovery as well as saving some of the extreme costs of calling out engineers. You do as much as possible to look after your car and keep it well maintained.

How frustrating is it then when nothing more than a ride down some poorly maintained roads causes more damage to your car than a five hundred mile heavily laden summer trek.

Road conditions seem constantly to be getting worse, potholes are caused by constant wear from cars and weather along with a lack of maintenance. They can cause your car serious damage, clanking in and out of potholes will lead to issues with your suspension as it is battered by undue shock, burst tires and even bodywork damage.

All of these faults put together will place undue strain on your vehicle overall, especially faulty suspension and bursting tires, will lead to further faults and potentially cause a major breakdown.

Luckily many of the major breakdown packages do still cover, to an extent repairs, undergone thanks to …

Hgv Trucks For Sale

Hgv Trucks For Sale

Industrial and commercial businesses alike use HGV trucks to transport their goods across the country or even the continent. As they are used relentlessly every single day it is important that whatever the conditions, the truck is reliable and runs efficiently.

It is not only the reliability of the vehicle that is important, but also other aspects such as fuel consumption that deems a vehicle as efficient. As ?Green Commercial of the Year 2009? winners, business owners can be sure that the HGV trucks for sale from one of the top international specialists will be suitable for any journey.

These specialists offer a wide selection of vans, HGV?s and classic trucks for sale. Made to the very highest specification, whatever you are hoping to spend on your new fleet, you can be sure that you will receive the very best vehicle for your money.

They always passing on great offers to their customers, information about savings and scrappage schemes can be found on the website. They also offer limited time discounts such as free repair and maintenance programmes on some of their trucks for sale.

Customers can browse their online brochures, they offer comprehensive information about …

A Review of Rolls Royce, the Prestige Automobile Company

A Review of Rolls Royce, the Prestige Automobile Company

Rolls-Royce is undoubtedly the most luxurious car brand on the planet. For over a century, it has been the marquee standard when it comes to the development of a luxury car, and other carmakers have copied, imitated, and stolen Rolls-Royce design concepts for decades.

Due to a recent resurgence in popularity, it has once again taken the top spot as kings of the automotive world. The company was officially formed in 1906 when Charles Stewart Rolls and Fredrick Henry Royce formed a partnership. The company’s six-cylinder Silver Ghost was debuted that same year. RR was unlike any other manufacturer of the era. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality was clear from the start.

During the 1920s, Rolls-Royce opened a second factory in Springfield, Massachusetts in order to keep up with the rising demand. This factory only stayed open for 10 years, but they launched the Phantom 1, which would ultimately become the defining Rolls-Royce model.

The car was powered by a pushrod-operated overhead valve engine with detachable cylinder heads. This was very cutting-edge technology for the time. And in 1931, with the acquisition of Bentley, Rolls-Royce had the market …

Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Car

Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Car

As part of every bride & groom’s wedding day planning process, along with catering, venue, photographer and the all important dress is the wedding car.Far too many people leave the wedding car to the last minute, seriously, this is the car that is going to deliver the bride to the church, is there a more important job to start the wedding day?
Apart from the actual trip itself (sit in the car, make sure it’s comfortable before you book), there’s the photo opportunity when you’re being collected and the vital photos when you arrive at the church, always arrive in style!
This is the one day in your life when everybody wants you to look like you’re being extravagant so why not.

People often forget that when the bride arrives at the church, most of her guests (hopefully along with the groom!) will be inside the building so they won’t see her arrive, so, when booking the wedding car, make sure you explain exactly what you want to happen, even if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, make sure the car is still there after the ceremony.

Plenty of thought should go …

How to Draw a Hummer and Anything Else With Wheels

How to Draw a Hummer and Anything Else With Wheels

Ever wondered how to draw a hummer, and actually get it to look like one? Unless you have a natural knack for drawing I am assuming it didn’t work out too well. That is the situation most face when it comes to drawing vehicles. THANKFULLY, drawing hummers is be made simple with help from the How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy E-book.

The How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy e-book makes drawing hummers a SNAP for anyone! Imagine drawing your favorite H2 Hummer, Putting some nice details onto your creation, and then adding a slick color giving it a professional feel. This book gives a simple guide to easily learn if you want to know how to draw a hummer. Who doesn’t want a step-by-step guide to things? More yet, who doesn’t enjoy cars? Now you can enjoy drawing them as well.

I offered my friend a chance to look over my own copy of the book, and pretty soon he was ready to get his own copy. The detail in this book is simply amazing. Perspective angles are explained, including some common tips to generally reduce the …