New Cars Predicted to Launch in 2020

The launch of a new car is the thing that has been waiting for when entering the new year. Not a few are even quite curious. Especially for those of you who really intend to buy or replace your old car.

1. Daihatsu Rocky

Since being introduced at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the name Daihatsu Rocky has been constantly being discussed. This is inseparable from the big name of the Rocky variant Daihatsu Taft which once existed in the 1990s.

2. Nissan Leaf

Different from Daihatsu, who still kept Rocky’s presence a secret. In fact, Nissan has confirmed that it will launch the Leaf in 2020.The car was even introduced in the middle of last year. Leaf will also be the first electric car launched by Nissan.

3. Nissan Kicks

Not only launching 2 electrified cars, Nissan will also launch another new car in the form of a compact SUV, namely Kicks. The presence of Kicks itself is planned to replace Juke in the Southeast Asia region.

4. Toyota Prius PHV

Next there is the Toyota plug-in hybrid car, the Prius PHV, which has joined the market for the launch of a new car this year. The appearance of …

Ferrari 458 Italia – The SuperCar of the Year

Ferrari 458 Italia – The SuperCar of the Year

You have probably seen photos of the highly acclaimed 458 Italia – Ferrari or maybe you have heard rumors about this beauty. Maybe you heard about a friend, co-worker or client talk about someone who was considering purchasing the 458 Italia. One thing is for sure, purchasing a 458 Italia is one of the wisest decisions any car aficionado will ever make. Now it’s your turn.In this article, we’re going to share a few details that you may have or may not have known about the all-new 458 Italia.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is getting high rave reviews: mainly because it features a 7-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox, is a veritable horsepower, it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph/h in under 3.4 seconds and maximum efficiency has been achieved in every aspect of the car with a commitment to set the benchmark in the market segment in terms of fuel consumption and C02 emissions. Even the F430 it’s replacing can’t touch those speed levels. One thing is for sure, the Ferrari 458 has top performances and ensures maximum control of the car at all times, an important safety …

Simple Tips To Improve Your Knowledge On This

 Simple Tips To Improve Your Knowledge On This

Today, there are a lot of sources that you can turn to in order to get better at something. However, if you think about, you might be confused about what you ought to go in for and the things that you can trust. Consider the case of learning more about car tuning. There are so many different ways to approach this that it can be overwhelming to figure out the right way in which you can actually get the kind of knowledge that you need. In order to address this, a number of tips have been listed below to better understand the concept.

Working with an expert

The safest option to go in for when approaching the subject of modified cars is to have someone experienced by your side. In this way, you can be assured that you will have some kind of guidance when you are stuck with an issue and don’t know how to proceed. Additionally, the extra guidance will also help you grasp topics about car tuning in a better manner. You will be able to post queries and have them answered to right away. However, this is also …

Used Mercedes Benz – Getting on the Car Efficiency Bandwagon

Used Mercedes Benz – Getting on the Car Efficiency Bandwagon

As we all know, the ozone layer and its associated keywords are fast becoming an obsession in the world of motoring, and indeed in all other industries as well. And with good reason too – we are fast running out of gas and oil, and are contributing to global warming at a rate that we are having real trouble reversing. Perhaps more relevantly, being inefficient with our fuel costs us ever increasing amounts of money – money that we would very much like to keep in our bank accounts rather than spending.

Becoming more efficient is therefore the big challenge for the car industry, and Mercedes Benz are one of the latest car companies to get on the bandwagon and introduce a system to do most of the hard carbon footprint reducing work for you. If you are planning on buying a used Mercedes Benz, but want a more economical car, it may be worth waiting until these babies hit the used Mercedes Benz dealerships in order to scoop yourself that massive depreciation saving.

Mercedes Benz call their package of energy saving and fuel reducing features BlueEFFICIENCY, citing “special responsibility” …

The Abc?s Of Car Rental Lingo

The Abc?s Of Car Rental Lingo

Have you ever walked in on a huddle of gaming geeks only to overhear some suspicious snippet of conversation that includes references to RPG elements, snipers and armies of bejeweled dragons? This kind of group-bound lingo is referred to as jargon and defined as ?a vocabulary peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group?. With technology developing at a lightning fast pace, new branches and varieties of shoptalk are cropping up every day, but this doesn?t mean that it gets any less confusing.

Ask me to describe the rental vehicle I saw and the best answer you?ll get is something along the lines of ?blue with silver bits along the edges?. Ask my partner and he?ll launch into a speech praising the long term rental vehicle?s AWD, DOHC and aftermarket additions. Instead of remaining ignorant as to the meaning of these mystifying acronyms, I set out to learn a bit about motoring lingo. Here is what I discovered.

Firstly, the scope of car rental jargon is so broad and varied that one could possibly write a dissertation declaring it to be a whole separate language and get away with it. One of the websites …

Tips And Tricks For Defensive Driving

Tips and Tricks For Defensive Driving

Driving is a part of life; and unfortunately, so are accidents. But there are simple things you can do to reduce your risk.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving is a series of techniques that help you identify and respond to hazards on the road. A Defensive Driving Program or Online Defensive Driving School teaches practices that go beyond a basic traffic school course or drivers Ed, giving you specific tools to improve your anticipation, safety and judgment skills.

Follow Basic Traffic Laws

It sounds simple, but the majority of accidents occur when drivers fail to follow basic traffic laws. Dangerous habits like speeding, rolling through stop signs, and following too closely can cause serious accidents. Of these mistakes, the most common is following too closely. A basic rule of thumb is the “3 Second Rule.” Online defensive driving courses recommend that you pick a stationary object on the road (like a road sign or landmark)- when the car ahead of you passes it, start counting. If it takes less than 3 seconds for your car to pass the same object, you’re following too closely and are putting yourself (and others) in danger. Instead, …

Lexus Is 250c- An Introduction

Lexus Is 250c- An Introduction

The Lexus IS is a series of compact executive cars sold by Lexus since 1999. It was launched as an entry-level, and it was formerly sold under the Toyota Altezza, nameplate in Japan before the overture of the Lexus brand. Lexus has established top levels for vehicle steadfastness, and customer service in independent surveys. It falls among the most legendary brands for the last two decade in the industry of finest automobile manufacturing.

Lexus has made a new addition to its line of lavishness cars with the overture of Lexus IS 250C. Its introduction has taken the world by storm. This model will be definitely a surprise for everyone. It has been introduced in the market to compete with its adversary firms, and it definitely has an edge above them all.

It is a savvy-adaptable model that allocates greater appearance. The outlook of the car has undergone meticulous designing to give it a sleeker front, and rear. The result is a car with an exclusive design. Lexus IS 250 is a two-door four-seat luxury adaptable with a three-piece retractable hardtop that withdraws in 20 seconds.

It has an imposing interior as well as exterior. The …

Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

I took ownership of a used Rolls Royce Phantom earlier this year. Since that day I’ve been telling everyone who will listen just what an incredible car the Phantom is. Relatively few people are lucky enough to own a car of this manner, and I myself waited many years to join this exclusive club.

Let’s begin with the Phantom’s exterior design. It looks, well, mean! Huge and powerful looking, the Phantom makes a formidable presence, and that imposing front end was what made me opt for the Phantom over other luxury cars. At more than five metres long, this is a car that commands respect and admiration wherever it’s driven. I don’t think I’ve taken it out once and not received glowing comments from other motorists.

Driving a Rolls Royce Phantom is effortless but immensely rewarding. The engine is almost silent and feels extremely refined. You might expect a car with an engine of this size to chug away like a bus, but at the wheel of a Phantom the driver feels totally at peace to enjoy the journey.

On the few occasions I’ve been torn away from the driving …

Ferrari 599 GTO Aerodynamics, Styling, Interior and Personalization

Ferrari 599 GTO Aerodynamics, Styling, Interior and Personalization

The 599 GTO significantly benefited from Ferrari engineers’ experience in Formula One as well as from 599XX in order to optimize down force without impacting on drag. The Ferrari 599 GTO generates down force of 144 kg at 200 km/h thanks mainly to solutions transferred from the track version to the road exemplar.

In developing the 599 GTO the focus was on all the areas that have the best direct impact on aerodynamic and performance: the front, sides, rear, underbody and cooling flows. In the specific, the cooling ducts for the discs and pads have been optimized whether the wheel doughnuts reduce the energy loss caused by the rims turbulence. The front bumper has been widened to improve the fairing-in of the wheels and it is now equipped with a new wider sill design to improve the rear wheels fairing. The sill also features a more pronounced leading edge that improves the efficiency of the underbody central section.

Enhancements on the car nose are aimed to reduce drag and narrow the width of the wake generated by the front. The Ferrari 599 GTO is also equipped with a splitter, an aerodynamic surface …

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Review

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Review

Are you ready for a Super Car that can Rock An Roll? Do you want to feel the wind in your hair? If so than I have the perfect Super Car For you!

The first Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster was released in the 2005 Murcielago line up, but the latest version the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster that is capable of going from 0 to 60 in about 3.4 seconds is the one we are concerned about. This enhanced version of the Murcielago Roadster was first released in the 2007 model. It almost looks pretty much like the coupe version of the Murcielago except for the addition of cooling vents behind the air

intakes, and a retractable canvas roof.The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster exterior also features the wonderful scissor doors, side air scoops that automatically open up at speed, a rear spoiler that can be adjusted to an angle of 70 degrees, folding side mirrors for increased aerodynamics, and electronic Launch Control are also included. Inside the interior has been changed just slightly from the standard coupe, and the body structure has also been reinforced to compensate for a lack of a solid roof panel.

Hiding under the …

Why Do BMW Cars For Sale Hold Their Value?

Why Do BMW Cars For Sale Hold Their Value?

The BMW is a very popular car brand especially to sales representatives. The outside lane on the UK motorways got nicknamed the BMW lane because there will always be a BMW in your rear view mirror. So how does BMW do it? How do they get a car to be so popular and most of all hold a lot of its value?

BMW are a German based car manufacturer and right from day one they over engineered their cars they kept things simple and they built a reputation on good service and reliable cars.BMW has a look at them that is similar to the Porsche in the sense that they have kept the same look right from day one and this is because it worked and it worked very well. The grill and the round head lights is how people recognise the BMW.

They seem to have managed to capture the executive market this is reflected in the sleek styling the subtle styling that shouts class but yet can be very discreet at the same time which is something many other car manufacturers have not managed to do.

The build quality …