Wheel And Deal Your Way To The Best Auto Shipping Quote

Wheel And Deal Your Way To The Best Auto Shipping Quote

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet searching for auto shipping companies is now easier. You could also use a variety of sources to come up with a list of shipping companies to contact. You could use an ad paper, search up the telephone directories, ask old friends who have experienced shipping their autos too, and other sources.

1. Select Your Top 10 Choices

When you get a large list of about 20 to 30 the next step is to contact each and every one of them by phone to get more information. Before you do so, prepare a list of things you want to ask the shipper. These questions should relate to your needs and your capability to pay for the shipping. You will also want to include questions that will affect convenience on your part and the shipper?s part. Take into consideration things like schedules, quality of service and other concerns.

For example, you could ask them regarding their packages. See if they offer one that suits your needs and is within your price range. Ask about the terms and conditions surrounding the delivery.

2. Check Your List

Create a checklist of factors you desire of an auto shipping service. Then against this list the various prospective shipping companies you would like to investigate. As you talk to them on the phone, or over the internet, see if their services can match up to the factors you listed on your checklist. Put a check mark on every factor a shipping service can deliver. At this point you may want to weed out the undesirable prospects on your checklist.

3. Get Quotations

This is where many of the prospects get shown the door. It is true that one of the most important considerations is the price. So when you ask for quotations try and badger them into giving you their best price. It may be their last opportunity to win you over.

4. Compile and discard

Once you receive the quotes, you will be faced with the real decision: which of these shipping companies will you entrust your auto to? Basically what you do is try to find a compromise between the price you can afford and the features or quality of service the auto shipping service offers. You can even do this iteratively and weed out the list one by one, voting out the least desirable service until you are left with only three.

When you have about two or three quotations left, you can now make your final decision. Your final list will probably contain auto shipping carriers who have similar features and similar prices. How do you know which service to engage? Call them and haggle with them!

5. Haggle!

Shipping companies can give you a little leeway with their pricing. This is especially true if you are shopping for a shipping service. Try to get the ones that offer the most perks. However, you should never forget that quality comes first. Don?t compromise the quality of service for a few perks. Remember, it?s your auto we?re talking about. Among these three companies try and tease them a little bit. Tell them you found a company that is willing to give you the same service at lower price. Try and see if you can push the prices a little lower.

Be honest. Don?t try to bluff them by telling them you got this great deal when in fact you didn?t. If he calls your bluff and hangs up on you, and all the while he actually had the best offer, you will get stuck with nothing.