What Sets the Exotic Car Owner Apart?

What Sets the Exotic Car Owner Apart?

The first thought that pops into your head when you see someone driving a shiny new Lamborghini is usually something along the lines of “Now there’s a guy with some money to burn!” and it’s true that an exotic car makes a great status symbol, it works as a sort of “trophy” of wealth and style, but… is that really why you’re looking into exotic cars?

The truth is that anyone with a good job can probably afford an exotic car, and anybody with halfway decent credit can live beyond their means and take out a loan they can’t afford in order to impress everyone with a brand new Ferrari, but there’s a world of difference between an exotic car owner and an exotic car lover. Sure, you can drive an exotic car merely as a way to prove to everyone that you’re making a good living, but someone who truly appreciates their automobile of choice is comparable to a collector of fine art. Private art collectors don’t invest in a Picasso just to prove they can afford it, they invest in art because they have a love and appreciation for it.

However, unlike a painting, an exotic car absolutely demands a degree of love and respect if you hope to keep it running. Porsches and BMWs are a little more high-maintenance than a Nissan Maxima, they require constant fine tuning, near-daily maintenance, and specialized parts every time something needs replacing.

It’s for this reason that you’ll read so many interviews with celebrities who confess to driving a Honda because they found that their ninety thousand dollar Maserati required a little more attention than they were willing to give it. In short, not everyone who can afford a luxury car is necessarily qualified to own one.

What we’re getting at is this: There are three virtues which every super car driver should possess when they go hunting for the car of their dreams

  • A true passion for high performance vehicles
    Let’s suggest a hypothetical situation: You’re stranded in the desert and a man offers you either a glass of water or the keys to his Jaguar. If you consider this a tough decision to make, then you may well have the passion it takes to be a true exotic car lover.
  • The willingness to give an exotic car the care it deserves
    To put it simply, you should love taking care of your car as much as you love driving it. A high-performance sports car, while it is built to last by the masters of the craft, it can also be a little more demanding to keep up. Where a Ford can easily be left in the driveway and only repaired when needed, a high-end vehicle is more like a musical instrument, requiring regular tuning and maintenance to keep running at its best.
  • An undying love for the open road
    If you just want to park the Ferrari in your driveway to show it off, like it’s a statue, go ahead and save yourself some money and just buy the body of a Ferrari and mount it on top of an old Ford frame, because you really shouldn’t even be considering an exotic car unless you have a true love for driving.

Simply put, a true exotic car enthusiast is a breed apart from your average driver. We all think exotic cars are cool, but to a true driver, a Lamborghini isn’t just cool, it’s a work of art, and something to dedicate a lot of sincere time, passion and energy towards.

No matter what car you decide on there are 3 things you should always do:
1. Get a CarFax
2. Have the car inspected by a qualified mechanic/performance center
3. Go through a reputable dealer