Volvo XC90 Is A Popular Choice For Family-Oriented Buyers

Volvo XC90 Is A Popular Choice For Family-Oriented Buyers

There is plenty to like with a used Volvo XC90, such as a first-rate interior, good driving dynamics and of course Volvo’s excellent safety features. Back when Volvo first introduced the XC90, its combination of car-like qualities and SUV-like size made it a popular choice for family-oriented buyers. A third-row seat also gave XC90 owners seating capacity of up to 7. And with a choice of engines, buyers can select between a frugal 2.5 liter engine or a powerful V8. Depending on the model year and trim, the range of options vary, such as the availability of a premium sound system, DVD navigation and seat adjustment options. Safety features have seen a continuous improvement, but the least you can expect are front and side airbags and an anti-lock braking system. The latest models feature traction control, anti-whiplash headrests and blind-spot warning systems.

Coupled with an all-wheel drive system and excellent visibility, the XC90 can be used in virtually any weather, even for mild offroad excursions. Its climate control system assured however, that occupants of the XC90 would always

travel in comfort, whether in baking environments or wintry weather.But not all is/was good with buyers who opted to buy the Volvo XC90. Many buyers found that niggling issues like failing seat or wiper motors, odd knocks and other niggling issues soured the ownership experience. And many of these issues would occur after the expiration of the warranty. As if parts of the vehicle were built just to get through the warranty period.

More serious were reports of transmission failures at around the 90,000 mark, although some failures occurred from as early as 70,000 miles up to 120,000 miles. Sometimes, these failures would be cured by a TCM (transmission control module) update, but in many other cases, the entire transmission had to be replaced. To Volvo’s credit, the cost of transmission replacement (parts & labor) has been fully shouldered by the manufacturer, although a transmission failing in the middle of a trip is something no one looks forward to. Turbochargers on the T6 models also reportedly failed at the 100,000 mile mark, requiring replacement. But at least, turbo failures only cause a power drop which would still allow you to get where you were going.

Consumers who want to buy a used Volvo XC90 are advised to go for a CPO (certified pre-owned) vehicle. With a CPO’d Volvo, you get a manufacturer’s warranty and the assurance that factory technicians have gone through the vehicle with an extensive checklist. All faults will have been rectified and parts brought up to spec. Things like brake pads, tires and fluids are replaced with brand new items, even if the vehicle was traded in with still-serviceable items. As with any other used car, potential buyers need to do their research so that they know what they’re getting into and no nasty surprises await.