Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

I took ownership of a used Rolls Royce Phantom earlier this year. Since that day I’ve been telling everyone who will listen just what an incredible car the Phantom is. Relatively few people are lucky enough to own a car of this manner, and I myself waited many years to join this exclusive club.

Let’s begin with the Phantom’s exterior design. It looks, well, mean! Huge and powerful looking, the Phantom makes a formidable presence, and that imposing front end was what made me opt for the Phantom over other luxury cars. At more than five metres long, this is a car that commands respect and admiration wherever it’s driven. I don’t think I’ve taken it out once and not received glowing comments from other motorists.

Driving a Rolls Royce Phantom is effortless but immensely rewarding. The engine is almost silent and feels extremely refined. You might expect a car with an engine of this size to chug away like a bus, but at the wheel of a Phantom the driver feels totally at peace to enjoy the journey.

On the few occasions I’ve been torn away from the driving seat, the rear of the Phantom has proved every bit as compelling as the front. I’ve never been more comfortable in a car; the seats are perfectly designed and upholstered in the softest, most beautiful leather. Mine is a deep red colour, complementing the walnut veneer perfectly. The leather even extends to the floor of my Phantom – a lovely optional feature that guarantees to get a ‘wow’ from passengers.

The company’s customer service is second to none, and you feel that as a Rolls owner you’ve become a member of a truly historic family. I enjoy getting to know other enthusiasts and we all feel we’ve purchased a little piece of Used Rolls Royce heritage.