Used Mercedes Benz – Getting on the Car Efficiency Bandwagon

Used Mercedes Benz – Getting on the Car Efficiency Bandwagon

As we all know, the ozone layer and its associated keywords are fast becoming an obsession in the world of motoring, and indeed in all other industries as well. And with good reason too – we are fast running out of gas and oil, and are contributing to global warming at a rate that we are having real trouble reversing. Perhaps more relevantly, being inefficient with our fuel costs us ever increasing amounts of money – money that we would very much like to keep in our bank accounts rather than spending.

Becoming more efficient is therefore the big challenge for the car industry, and Mercedes Benz are one of the latest car companies to get on the bandwagon and introduce a system to do most of the hard carbon footprint reducing work for you. If you are planning on buying a used Mercedes Benz, but want a more economical car, it may be worth waiting until these babies hit the used Mercedes Benz dealerships in order to scoop yourself that massive depreciation saving.

Mercedes Benz call their package of energy saving and fuel reducing features BlueEFFICIENCY, citing “special responsibility” as the main trigger behind introducing it – rather than unavoidable consumer demand.
So what features does Mercedes Benz have to entice more followers to the fold?Well, firstly, their new cars are optimised for fuel efficiency and speed from the very first moment they leave the factory. This isn’t so much technology as it is design – as Mercedes Benz have set out to make all their new cars ever more aerodynamic and consequently more efficient. Little details such as the grills are improved, as well as huge changes from the very first drawing – the E-Class coupe is apparently an incredibly aerodynamic car.

The motor company have also endeavoured to save all those little bits of fuel that are wasted when your car is crawling along or even stopped with the engine on. You may have heard of this start/stop technology in other car brands, and now Mercedes are joining the club. As long as this doesn’t make your drive less comfortable or make it jolty, this little ECO Start/stop addition could cut a healthy chunk off your fuel bill.

The next addition, efficient engines, really makes a massive difference to your miles per gallon, and hopefully doesn’t make the ride in the back of your Mercedes Benz any different at all. For this brand it is important to maintain luxury whilst saving your pennies, and that is the idea behind the engine changes. With less friction, and convenient direct fuel injection, your CO2 emissions are low and your fuel efficiency is reassuringly high.All in all the package of features and updates isn’t that different from all the other car brands out there. In the short term, you will still save money by shelling out on a used Mercedes Benz, but if you want to pay more for future cost saving initiatives then a new Merc may be just what you need.