The Vath Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sports Forged Wheels and a Supercharger

The Vath Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Sports Forged Wheels and a Supercharger

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is arguably one of the most iconic German super cars currently on the market and even rivals the Porsche 911 Turbo. With the unveiling of the updated SLS AMG “GT” models, the first SLS AMG Roadster models have become less powerful than their new counterparts. The team at Vath Automobiltechnik decided that the currently outdated non-GT models should be available with a vast amount of horsepower, so they developed a new tuning program with a supercharger engine modification, new forged wheels, a tighter chassis, and upgraded aerodynamics.

First, the entire SLS AMG Roadster was given a makeover by Vath because of the higher speeds it would be achieving with the engine upgrades. The team developed new carbon fiber bodywork that generated downforce for better handling and high-speed stability without adding more weight to the super car. The front bumper was given a new spoiler lip to reduce lift at the front axle while a pair of side skirts calms the airflow around the upgraded forged wheels. New brake duct intakes send cool, fresh air into the braking system to remove excess heat buildup and prevent fade. At the rear sits a rear add-on spoiler that attaches to the standard electric spoiler system. When a predetermined speed is reached, the rear spoiler deploys to generate downforce and keep the rear axle planted on the road’s surface.

With the aerodynamics in check, Vath then turned their attention to the hand-built, 6.2-liter V-8 AMG engine. A new supercharger system was installed atop the intake manifold of the V-8 and given a new pair of air intakes that are optimized for better, more efficient airflow. A stainless steel exhaust system with sport catalytic converters was then installed to optimize the exhaust gas pressure. The final touch was an ECU tune to accommodate for the new compressor system. The end result was a total of 702 PS and 850 Nm of torque churning the rear forged wheels on the asphalt. To handle the extra power, both the fuel system and gearbox had to be fitted with new cooling systems. The increase in power helps the SLS AMG Roadster spring from 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 330 kph.

The additional power output of the V-8 required much of the chassis to be upgraded. The standard rims were replaced with new forged wheels in a three-piece construction to reliably put the power to the pavement. The forged wheels were installed in a wider 9.5 x 20 front and 12 x 20 rear fitment for better grip and fitted with new performance tires. The suspension was given a new set of threaded coilovers to lower the overall center of gravity to improve handling and stability. Vath also upgraded the braking system with 405 mm diameter discs on the front axle with stainless steel flex lines for greater stopping power.

The entire Vath SLS AMG Roadster upgrade program with supercharger system, aerodynamics, forged wheels, and chassis modifications is currently available as an entire tuning program from the German company for 85,000 Euros.