The Stunning BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition

The Stunning BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition

If you are a BMW fan, then you may be interested in the the new BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition. This car is loaded with extra features and one of a kind combos that are sure to impress even the worst critique. Find out what makes this particular model look as stunning as it does. With just a limited number of these being produced, you may find it hard to spot one on the streets. With all of the extra bells and whistles that this car has, owners will be in for a treat.

The first aspect of this car that makes it different, is its new paint color. The frozen gray paint color is new to the BMW series and helps to make this little coupe so rare. Another great feature, is its mark beside the black and red leather seats, where this car is the only one to possess both attributes. Many people enjoy looking at the outside and inside and find the color combo very eye pleasing.

This sports car is loaded with extra features. It has a seven speed dual clutch system and it also has a new competition package. The package includes things like; a lower suspension drop, a new program for electronic damping, and a higher threshold for stability movement and control.

The premium package comes standard in this model. It comes with a voice recognition system, a keyless system and a unique traffic update with navigation system. Some extras include; garage door opener and power folding mirrors.
Some bonuses with this well equipped vehicle include; heated seats, and parking sensors. That feature lets you park your car without the worry of banging into the car beside you, or reversing out into something. Not only does this feature protect the people around you, but it also keeps your coupe scratch and dent free from any errors on your part.

A satellite radio system gives you some of the best music around the world. You will find a favorite radio station with the hundreds you will have to choose from. Pick up all the best live radio shows day and night, with exclusive satellite listening. And when you do not want to have the radio on anymore, there is an iPod connectivity spot for you to play your saved music picks.

There is a high price tag attached to this new model. It starts at 78,900, which is only a few thousand dollars more than a MS coupe. This package also comes with a free one day pass to a BMW performance driving far as making this a truly special edition, the United States will only see 30 of these cars for sale and others will settle for other special M3’s.

There are only thirty being produced and sold all in America. This car will be an unusual find and is expected to sell out shortly after it is released. Many people are rushing to see if they can get their hands on the new prodigy by BMW. This car will not only stun you with its exterior charming paint color, but the inside and loaded features will help you to stay in love. The BMW M3 Frozen Gray Special Edition car is a model that will have you pleased with your purchase.