The Legendary 500 Superfast Series 275 GTB Ferrari

The Legendary 500 Superfast Series 275 GTB Ferrari

The Ferrari 300 GT 2 + 2 America model is a well recognized as a California cultural icon of the 1960’s. All in all over one thousand 300 GT 2 + 2’s were built, exported and shipped for the American market. The car started a somewhat revolution in American fast sports car yet family vehicle styling and name plate moniker look a likes. Yet there was a vehicle as well – the Ferrari Superfast Series 1 & 2 that could be said to be of far greater significance overall than the 300 GT 2 + 2 America.

Indeed it might be said and summarized by many esteemed as well as respected authorities in the exotic import sports car field that a vehicle of greater significance than the 300 GT made its very first appearance and introduction to the auto trade and sports car villains at the 1964 Paris Salon. Introduced at a time when the exclamations over the last Modena creation had died down, the 275 GTB more than made up for what some on the roads and tracks considered a somewhat mistake – the 330 GT. Overall it was an inspired as the GTO, as stylish as the California and so beautiful that few cars overall have been able to equal, and certainly not surpass the design by Pininfarina at his company’s behest. Due to the enormous pressure involved designing and building other Ferraris as well as working and coordinating with other car makers, Pininfarina was relieved by Scaglietti, who built the 275 GTB during its four years of production.

Underneath the series of sensuous rounded curves that was the 275 GTB’s body lay overall a most distinct departure from the traditional Ferrari norm. There was nothing special about the V12 engine on any highway, roadway or auto race track. You might think that the description affords a beautiful woman – not simply a car. The mighty V12 powerplant was a pure Colombo filling out at a full 3.3 liters displacement which could develop a raging 280 BHP barrel horse power when fitted and dressed to the hilt with 3 Weber carburetors. On top of that the engine could be ramped up to 300 BHP if equipped with an unbelievable fuel delivery system of a full system setup of 6 Weber ultra high performance carburetors.

Finally what was the icing on the cake that made this performance sports car such a legend that lived on in the mind’s of Ferrari drivers, owners and enthusiasts?

It was the suspension. What was different and indeed a distinct departure from previous setups and arrangements was this suspension system. For the very first time on a production road car Ferrari employed independent suspension all around. Top that up with real hydraulic brakes and an ultra high performance five speed trans axle transmission and the die was cast. The dice were thrown. All most could say as they were left in the dust was – Whoa. What a winner on roads, highways and tracks worldwide. What an automotive legend.