The Ferrari 458 Italia Has Been Crowned “Performance Car Of The Year”

The Ferrari 458 Italia Has Been Crowned “Performance Car Of The Year”

Over the last decade Ferrari have enjoyed the best ever run of success in the Formula One Grand Prix seasonal races, with the seven times world champion “Michael Schumacher racing with the Scuderia Ferrari Team winning five of his world championship titles at Ferrari.

The Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is based in Maranello and was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, as Scuderia Ferrari. Since then the famous race team and their race sports cars have been synonymous with the motor racing world and making Ferrari the oldest Grand Prix team in the world. The recent era of Grand Prix racing has lifted the Ferrari Brand and the “Prancing Horse” motor sports car marque to new heights and seen sales of their famous car models rising with their successes.

Ferrari’s latest accolade they have scooped this year is the coveted “Performance Car Of The Year” in the World Car Awards (WCA). The annual World Car Awards is a program which is initiated by, organized by, and conducted by automotive journalists from all around the world. So the 458 has had a gatifying nod by the motor industry’s journalists as to what the collective feel is the best of the best available year on year.

The Ferrari 458 continues in the tradition of mid-engined V8 sports car models, whose history stretches back to the 1970’s, which were truly exotic to wannabe Ferrari owners in their day. This current V8 incarnation in the guise of the 458 has a 4.5 litre power-plant, with 563bhp engine which will be more than enough to get you up to the top speed of 202 mph and the super quick 0-60mph of 3.3 seconds.

Even with its race pedigree and supercar engine the Ferrari 458 will actually potter around town in seventh gear at 30mph! Which is amazing for such a car and not normal for a A�160,000 supercar. This is due to the huge torque available in the engine and features like ant-stall.

The design and build of the chassis construction has been influenced and drawn-on from the electronic-era Formula One up to more recent technology that has been developed in the Formula One race team. The suspension is a state-of-the-art multi-link rear suspension instead of the classic double wishbone’s, the result in driving the 458 is an even better contact between rear tyres and road surface, incredible cornering power, with a drive ride that some expensive sports saloons would be very envious of.

All in all the Ferrari 458 is now a modern classic with a growing order’s list longer than your arm, it’s really not hard to see why it is the Ferrari that everyone is talking about this year.