The Choice of Wedding Transport Is Very Personal

The Choice of Wedding Transport Is Very Personal

Who does not dream of arriving at the church in an open horse drawn carriage or a gleaming Rolls Royce? Times have moved on a long way since the bride was accompanied by her bridesmaids and family on the short walk to the church. Very few brides walk any more, preferring instead to make a grand appearance that will place her firmly at the centre of the ceremony.

The choice of transport is endless, and depends a lot on the chosen theme of the day. Universally popular is the vintage Rolls Royce, bedecked with ribbons and flowers, or a classic Bentley or Daimler. All will come with a chauffeur, who will ensure that the bride arrives fashionably late.

What could be more romantic than arriving to the sound of hooves? Open topped carriages, with burnished leather seats, pulled by matching shire horses make a stunning entrance. Closed carriages can be hired for the less than clement English weather, or even Cinderella coaches for a fairytale wedding.

Not everybody wants to take the classic or formal approach. There are many alternatives available for hire, for those with a more modern or quirky view. London taxis get you to the church on time, and hiring a bus means that more family and guests can be taken together. Motorbikes with sidecars provide an unusual means of transport, and even the family car can be decorated with ribbons and flowers for a stunning arrival.

Whatever the mode of transport, it’s wise to know the car etiquette. By tradition, the bride’s mother will go in the first car to the ceremony, with the bridesmaids. There needs to be an extra space saved in her car as her husband will be with her for the journey to the reception. The bride travels with her father, or the person giving her away, and is always the last to arrive.

On arrival, the chauffeur lets the bride’s father out of the car first, and then he will assist the bride. She and her father then pose for the photographer before the start of the proceedings. Her car will wait outside until the ceremony is over, and then take the newlyweds to the reception.

The choice of transport is very personal, but whatever method is chosen, it will make a big impact on the day, as it is the first appearance of the bride in her wedding finery. She will look and feel like a princess, presented in a style she and her husband will remember throughout their marriage.