The BMW 5 Series Sedan – New Upcoming Series in the Month of June

The BMW 5 Series Sedan – New Upcoming Series in the Month of June

BMW cars have always been an important symbol of class and fame that has regularly pulled the attention of car lovers from all across the world. In fact, since the launch of its first car model, every car has always received tremendous response and been constantly known for its superior performance and elegant design. Featured with world-class features and giving tough competition to other car manufactures, every car model of BMW series has made four-wheel lover crazy when it comes to choose or buy a BMW modeled car. This season, BMW is all geared up to introduce the brand new BMW 5 series Sedan in the Australian car market.

The new model is bigger and better and has got all those essential features that may drive you crazy. The new 5 Series is 58mm longer while its width is up 14mm (1464mm) and the wheelbase is 80mm longer at 2968mm. Its exterior look is totally dynamic and has the longest wheelbase in the BMW series segment, a sleek engine compartment lid, short overhangs front and rear and refined roofline. In fact, the most artistic look of this new series is its BMW kidney grille that is slightly inclined forward and on the prominently chiseled engine compartment lid. This provides the car with a classy and elegant side view that is beyond compare.

Talking in context of its interior, the dynamics and grace are represented in one flowing movement from the instrument panel to the door. The interior of the BMW 5 series Sedan has got the perfect look and incomparable style. All of the high-quality control elements are ergonomically positioned for a perfect fit. It has got the clear orientation in the cockpit that guarantees a strictly unique driving and travelling experience.

Moreover, the new 5 Series has also got new suspension architecture and a vast range of hi-tech options. In fact, the new Sedan series is making its debut in the auto market with one eight-cylinder and three six-cylinder petrol engines as well as two six-cylinder diesels. However, all of the engines have more power and torque. The High Precision Injection in the BMW 535i have the efficiency to deliver maximum output of 225 kW/306 hp. The two straight-six power units in the BMW 528i feature High Precision Injection that can develop output of 190 kW/258 hp.

Apart from this, talking in terms of its performance, the new BMW 5 Series Sedan will be available with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. The new generation BMW 5 series sedan also features an all-wheel drive optional, denoted by an “x” followed the numeric model name. It also has Park Distance Control and an around view monitor system, similar to Infiniti’s Around View Monitor.

In addition, the new series has also got Active Roll Stabilisation, which will help in maintaining a level ride nearly under all driving conditions. And to complement this Active Roll Stabilisation, the car is also featured with Active Steering, which uses electronic steering to increase and improve the stability controls acting on the wheel brakes and power. This new model has a class of its own that one should not neglect.

For years, every BMW series car has been one of the most renowned luxurious car models worldwide. Now with the introduction of yet another new model you can anticipate even better performance. The introduction of this brand new BMW 5 series Sedan will open up the latest chapter in automotive industry. Without doubt, it is going to be a truly next impressive story of BMW success.