Take a Look at the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350

Take a Look at the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350

There are a few cars that tell us in one look that they are average and not the greatest car that we would desire to be viewed driving inside of. But there are other cars that exude an atmosphere of grandeur and the minute you peek at it you recognize it is the vehicle that you have always dreamed of. One of these cars is the new Mercedes-Benz GLK 350.

This is the very first high quality compact crossover SUV that Mercedes has ever made. Though the GLK 350 might be a bit more boxy than what we are used to seeing from them it does not let us down at all. The platform for this SUV was constructed on the standard C-class sedan.

So why did Mercedes choose to build an SUV? “We needed a car like the GLK 350,” sales representative Mark Leonard said. “It’s designed to go head-to-head with the BMW X3 and it is doing a fantastic job.”The SUV was debuted earlier this year and is projected to be a 2010 model version. It has already gathered much media attention because of its peculiar design and the price that Mercedes-Benz has given it.

Some individuals were expecting them to choose a high number – but were astounded when the business set it at a low $33,900. This will definitely be in the running for the inexpensive SUV on the market and may have the ability to overpass the X3 in price alone.

The GLK is outfitted with a 3.5 liter V6 engine and linked with a seven speed automatic transmission. The two work together to achieve a smooth but powerful drive. It is easier then before to accelerate the car and it has the ability to reach 60 MPH in only 6.9 seconds.

If you desire to pick out the premium bundle you will be offered a panorama sunroof, power liftgate, media upgrade packet, heated seats in the front, and memory settings for mirrors, steering wheel, and the driver’s seat. You will also be given numerous of the more favorite features that include power assist, dual zone automatic climate control, eight CD sound system, and a trip computer. Mercedes likewise added the standard safety features to each model.