Used Rolls Royce – From Technological Wizardry to Aesthetic Opulence

Used Rolls Royce  From Technological Wizardry to Aesthetic Opulence

Rolls Royce is one of the world’s most famous luxury brands, so it’s no surprise that a used Rolls Royce features an incredible range of gadgets and treats that remind both driver and passenger that this is no ordinary automotive brand. From technological wizardry to aesthetic opulence, to own a used Rolls Royce is to be spoilt rotten.

The expansive range of options available means that your car has the potential to be absolutely unique. The Phantom offers no less than 16 exterior paint colours, but this total soars to over 40,000 with the bespoke service, where colours can be created from your own inspiration. Inside the car there are numerous shades of leather to choose from, too, so your model will look truly individual both inside and out.

The interior options are no less decadent. From starlight headlining, which brings the rear of the car to life with a stunning night sky scene, to a built-in cool box with flutes and tumblers, an enchanted evening is guaranteed! There’s no stone left unturned where entertainment is concerned, either. Theatre configuration allows rear passengers to watch their choice of TV or DVD …

Used Rolls Royce – Luxurious Executive Cars

Used Rolls Royce – Luxurious Executive Cars

If you like cars and haven’t heard of Rolls-Royce, then you may as well have been living under a bush for the majority of the last century! Not only are Rolls-Royce a properly old and well established company, but they are well-known for producing some of the most luxurious and expensive executive cars that you can find around the world. Every little thing about the cars is meticulous and intentional, a feat of engineering that has bought them a great deal of respect and which has kept them going through all the trials and tribulations the last 100 years or so has thrown at them.

Rolls-Royce cars are so popular that there is even a mass market out there for used Rolls-Royces, with lots of dealerships scattered all around the country. Considering their huge starting price it is also worth mentioning that they barely seem to depreciate, instead staying as a largely unachievable status symbol for as long as they are looked after carefully and are professionally maintained.

With such a long and distinguished heritage, it only seems right that this most respected and established British brand has an equally respected and prestigious …