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Proton Releases New Car

Malaysian automaker Proton, which is currently suffering from slumping sales, recently unveiled their newest sedan. The Malaysian government which has a majority share in the automaker is currently having talks with Volkswagen AG. This development is considered as the reason why Proton has set high sales projection for the new sedan. The sales goal was not only for the domestic auto market but also includes exports to Europe.

The new sedan was actually meant to be unveiled before. But due to some reasons, the automaker postponed the unveiling and has only recently decided to release the car. With the unveiling of the new sedan, the Malaysian automaker is calling for the Malaysian government to push on with the deal that will see Volkswagen pouring in money on the cash-strapped automaker. In return, Volkswagen will have a strong presence in the Malaysian auto market.

The arrival of the new Proton Persona has been well received by critics and consumers alike. The styling of the new Proton sedan is considerably better looking than other Proton models. Cars made by the Malaysian automaker have been scorned by many for overemphasized designs. The new Persona though has critics saying that …