Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Car

Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Car

As part of every bride & groom’s wedding day planning process, along with catering, venue, photographer and the all important dress is the wedding car.Far too many people leave the wedding car to the last minute, seriously, this is the car that is going to deliver the bride to the church, is there a more important job to start the wedding day?
Apart from the actual trip itself (sit in the car, make sure it’s comfortable before you book), there’s the photo opportunity when you’re being collected and the vital photos when you arrive at the church, always arrive in style!
This is the one day in your life when everybody wants you to look like you’re being extravagant so why not.

People often forget that when the bride arrives at the church, most of her guests (hopefully along with the groom!) will be inside the building so they won’t see her arrive, so, when booking the wedding car, make sure you explain exactly what you want to happen, even if the ceremony and reception are at the same venue, make sure the car is still there after the ceremony.

Plenty of thought should go into selecting the right wedding car, are you having a period theme, is there a colour scheme, will there be enough room for a large extravagant dress without getting crumpled.
Think of the actual trip to the church or registry office, the Bride will be with her father or chaperone in a car with probably just the driver, do you want a chatty driver that never knows when to be quiet or a totally professional driver that only speaks when spoken to, it’s always worth meeting the driver before you book the car, he certainly needs to be presentable.

Do you want a traditional vintage Rolls-Royce wedding car or something quirky like a stretched Mini limo or a massive monster truck, maybe you’d rather arrive in a motorbike side car.Bridesmaids and relatives should also be considered, think of the distance between the initial collection address and the ceremony address, do you need the main bridal car to take anyone else before the bride herself, if so, look at the duration for each trip, you may need more than one car.

Do always make sure you ask if there is a time limit on your booking, will your wedding car suddenly drive off half way through the post ceremony photos because it’s got to get to another wedding, this does happen with some companies and needs to be accounted for.Reliability is only an issue if the wedding car is not properly maintained, any car, new or old can break down. Contrary to popular belief there is a simple logic that can be applied; vintage cars are far simpler than modern cars and, therefore, there are less things to go wrong.

On the other hand, badly maintained classic cars are more likely to fail than vintage or modern cars because they were the testing ground for new technology as yet unproven and in development.
Whatever kind of wedding car you eventually set your heart on, also consider what kind of impact it will have in the one thing (apart from a husband) that remains with you after the wedding, the photographs.