Rolls Royce Takes on Bentley in New Car Clash

Rolls Royce Takes on Bentley in New Car Clash

Prepare for the car world’s Clash of the Titans!

All-new models from top British marques Rolls Royce and Bentley are going head to head to achieve the ultimate blend of power and refinement and take the title of best car in the world.Some may think that it’s overstating the case to suggest that the launch of Bentley’s imposing new Mulsanne is a strong contender for car event of 2010.

But a combination of the company’s reputation for exceptional engineering with the fact that the Mulsanne will be the first ‘grand Bentley’ the firm has developed for 80 years makes it hard to doubt that it will be a landmark motoring moment.

Set to be an even longer car than the Arnage it replaces, Bentley clearly intends its new four-door flagship to have ultimate road presence.Harking back to graceful Bentleys of old, but giving the look a modern, sleeker spin, the Mulsanne has a much more upright face than the firm’s smaller Continental and is dominated by a pair of huge round headlights together with a traditionally imposing broad, mesh grille.

But with a name that highlights the company’s ‘second home’ in France and the firm’s victories at the Le Mans 24 Hour race, it’s clear that this new car will be no lumbering limo.Providing the power will be the company’s famous 6.75 litre V8 engine, freshly re-engineered for the Mulsanne, which is expected to carry the luxury cruiser to a top speed in excess of 200mph.

For a car of its size, there’s no doubt that would be an extremely impressive achievement.To ensure the V8 is put to best use, greater stability and traction will be gained by the Mulsanne sending its power to all four of its enormous wheels.

Inside, the new Bentley will blend all the latest in-car technology with the company’s trademark quality leather and wood trim, exemplified by how the screen controlling the car’s ‘infotainment’ system disappears behind a veneered dashboard panel when not in use.

Altogether, the new Mulsanne looks set to be a difficult package to beat. But Rolls Royce thinks they have the answer, in the form of a new ‘baby’ model called the Ghost.Sitting below the majestic Phantom limo in the company’s range, the Ghost is designed to be a smaller and more nimble. More of a driver’s car, that will nevertheless match the Phantom’s levels of interior comfort.

Similar, backwards-opening rear doors to the Phantom’s will give the Ghost’s lucky passengers access to a top quality cabin replete with the typically abundant leather trim and wood panelling associated with the marque.Surprisingly for the company with the grandest reputation, the Ghost will be priced to undercut the new Bentley. But perhaps more predictable is that the Rolls will target the ultimate levels of ride comfort most associated with the company’s cars rather than compete with the sheer speed of the Mulsanne.

But that doesn’t mean the Ghost will lack pace, as power will be provided by an exclusive 6.6 litre V12 engine.
For those with the money to seek the ultimate combination of power and refinement, choosing between these new offerings from Rolls Royce and Bentley is going to be a difficult task.