Lamborghini Gallardo Or Ford Focus? Not Much of a Competition!

Lamborghini Gallardo Or Ford Focus? Not Much of a Competition!

Every single driver will obviously have differing categories and stipulations regarding what makes the perfect car. Some will be of the opinion that power, speed and performance are the mark of a truly great car and suggest that the Bugatti Veyron or something similar is the perfect car. Others will hold esteem in a more aesthetic nature and put forward cars such as the Bentley Continental and the Aston Martin Vanquish as the real purveyors of automotive perfection. I have always held the opinion that the truly great cars don’t focus on one thing, but try to encapsulate the needs and desires of everyone into their designs and engineering. This is precisely why my favourite car is the brand new Ford Focus.

Now you may be laughing or deriding me for saying that I would rather own a Ford Focus than a Pagani Zonda or a Koenigsegg, but that simply isn’t true. I would love to own one of the many supercars or hypercars that are available on the market and if you gave me £1 Million to spend on a car I wouldn’t disappoint you. All I am trying to say that in a practical world the new Ford Focus is a lot less likely to frustrate you than a supercar. Let me explain.

First of all you have fuel efficiency to take into consideration. Ford have become synonymous with engineering which seems to sip very frugally at the fuel reserves and the Focus is no different. With economical driving disciplines in place it is possible to get supermini standard fuel economy from a Ford Focus. This leaves you with more money in your wallet and having to spend less time stood at the pumps, refilling every few hours.

Secondly the issue of practicality has to be addressed. Everybody has to do a weekly shop, or pick up comestible goods from town. In a Ford Focus this is a relatively painless task. Parking is very easy, boot space is magnificent and thanks to the Ford Focus’ ‘understated’ beauty, it won’t attract vandals to pull it to bits. Adversely, if you choose to do your food shopping in your new Ferrari 599, you are going to find parking excruciatingly difficult, discover you only have the luggage space to fit a small punnet of Satsumas and the vandals will tear your Ferrari badge and wing mirrors off before you can even say “hands off my car!”

I will admit, owning a supercar would be a dream come true, I have a very soft spot for the Lamborghini Gallardo myself, but in an increasingly practical world, it becomes almost impossible to think of an apt time to use one. With the cost of petrol, the congestion on the roads and the increasing number of uninsured drivers on the road, why would any drive for pleasure?

Take my advice and get the best practical car money can buy; the brand new Ford Focus. You will get great performance and fantastic economy, just don’t expect 0-60 in under three and a half seconds.