Ferrari 458 Italia Suspension, SCM and Tires

Ferrari 458 Italia Suspension, SCM and Tires

The Ferrari 458 Italia has an innovative new suspension architecture compared to the F430: the front wishbones have L shape arms while there is a multilink suspension to the rear. This innovative approach results in greater longitudinal flexibility, which improves the car’s ability to absorb bumps, reduces suspension noise, boosts transverse rigidity and consequently improve 458 Italia’s handling and responsiveness.

These characteristics combined with specific tire development further improve overall vertical rigidity for less body roll and allow the introduction of a more direct steering ratio (11.9 degrees compared to the 16.9 of the F430, resulting in a 30 percent improvement). Quicker and more responsive steering consequently provides higher safety on both road and track driving experiences. The car new suspensions also offer a better compromise between vibrational and acoustic comfort as well as sportiness.

The Magnetorheological Suspension control (SCM) was first introduced in the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and uses a fluid which viscosity instantaneously reacts to an electronically controlled magnetic field generated inside the damper. The control software adjusts the intensity of the magnetic field every millisecond, for an improved calibration and responsiveness on uneven ground. Compared to the previous version, the system boasts evolved ECU (-50 percent input time) and damper hardware.

Ferrari 458 Italia tires are the result of a specific development process aimed to match the car high performance features. The wheel rim and tread dimensions are 235/35 ZR 20 front and 295/35 ZR 20 rear. The tires also feature a new tread pattern which offers a better compromise between aquaplaning prevention and lateral grip on the front axle, between grip and power over-steer control on the rear axle, as well as offer longitudinal traction on both axles. The new compound ensures top levels performances in dry and wet conditions, contributing to the car overall balance, handing and low rolling resistance.

The 458 Italia braking system is directly derived from Ferrari’s Formula One experience. It features specific CCM (Carbon Ceramic Material) brakes developed by Brembo with assistance from Bosch on the interaction with the stability and traction control. It boasts 398x2223x36mm front discs with 6-pot aluminum calipers and 360x233x32mm rear discs with 4-pot aluminum calipers. The discs have been increased in size compared to the rest of current range to adapt to the 458 Italia high performances. The 200-0 km/h braking system has been cut by twelve meters thanks to an improved integration and more accurate calibration of the control systems.