Ferrari 458 Italia: Combining Heritage With Innovations

Ferrari 458 Italia: Combining Heritage With Innovations

The 458 Italia represents a farewell to the past, a leap forward into the future: the new Ferrari is so innovative that can be considered a milestone in the Maranello’s design, construction and innovation standards. As far as the name nomenclature, “458” refers to the number of cylinders and displacement, whether “Italia” pays homage to the car extraordinary Country of origin and its ability to create innovations.

Ferrari 458 Italia evokes the tradition of the historical 8-cylinders cars in the company’s history, such as the 158 F1 in 1964, the Ferrari 308 GTB in 1975 and the F40 in 1987 but, at the same time, the Ferrari 458 Italia personifies unique innovations and a leap into the future. Ferrari 458 Italia is in fact a completely new car from every point of view: engine, gearbox, chassis, suspensions, electronic controls, aerodynamics, design, instrumentation and ergonomics. All delivered with exceptional fuel consumption and emissions levels, considering its 570 hp.

Like every Ferrari, the 458 Italia guarantees unique driving pleasure and derives most of its technology from the Formula One experience. The benefits from such races heritage are immediately seen and felt when driving the new Ferrari: the immediacy and precisions in responding to the driver inputs are simply unprecedented and revolutionize the relationship between the driver and the car. The 458 Italia is designed around the driver’s body becoming his/her natural extension thanks to a perfect human-machine interface, almost at the levels of complicity among the two.

458 Italia is a two-seater berlinetta with a mid-rear mounted V8 engine, a configuration for which Ferrari is well renowned and acknowledge around the world. Designed to fulfill the expectations and ambitions of our sportiest clients and closely tied to the marque’s tradition, the new V8 Ferrari is powerful, light, and compact as well as designed for frequent track usage where it is at its finest. On the race track, the 458 Italia electronic control system exceeds any expectations providing superb versatility and handling in complete safety as well as a surprising ease of driving. Born for the track, the Ferrari 458 Italia is built for the road and it is suitable for everyday use by sporty driving enthusiasts.

With the 458 Italia, Ferrari has pushed the boundaries of sports car engineering once again. The engine is a 90 degree V8 with a displacement of 4,499 cm3 mounted in a mid-rear position. The engine’s entirely new concept architecture has been designed with the aim of delivering a maximum of 9,000 rpm, a compression ratio of 12:5:1 and a maximum power output of 570 hp.