Do We Need Insurance For Road Legal Quad Bikes?

Do We Need Insurance For Road Legal Quad Bikes?

A road legal quad bike is the newest mode of transportation and is starting to gain popularity especially among teenagers. Scooters or mopeds are starting to drift to oblivion and will only be seen in history books. It is because quad bikes have full-blooded power than any of its earlier counterparts. It is not only powerful just like any vehicle on the road but is very chic as well. Quads bikes or ATV?s were originally designed for off road driving but we now see these cute four wheeled vehicles slowly invading the roads and highways. This alternative transportation has been legalized as a road vehicle in many territories and it is highly debated in other countries if this mode of transportation will be allowed to be driven on the roads.

A quad bike that can be legally used on the roads is called a road legal quad bike. If these types of ATV?s are legal, do we need to get a type of vehicle insurance or pay for taxes for owning one? Quad bikes are designed usually for private use only on private lots and spaces. Drivers of the vehicle before do not need a license as it is only used for outdoor fun on open spaces. But if you want to drive a road legal quad bike on highways and roads, then you are required by the law to have a driver?s license. You are then required to have an insurance coverage policy and you can secure one from quad bike insurance agencies and dealers.

Legal or licensed ATV?s have more features than the normal all terrain versions. It must have the basic features that are seen on normal vehicles being used on the road. These basic features must include head lights or beam lights, front and rear brake lights, rear view mirrors, direction indicator lights on the back, speedometer and license plate numbers. The driver of a road legal quad bike must be at least 18 years old in most countries. Younger riders from 12 ? 17 should still be accompanied by an adult.

Remember, that a road legal quad bike needs to have at least the minimum amount of insurance coverage and other legal documents similar to the documentations required of normal modes of road transportation. It is then best to ask your dealer to assist you in getting some quad bike insurance quotes. Some reputable dealers take care of the quad bikes insurance policy through a reputable insurance company specializing in such cases but you have to investigate the company as well before you give it a go. You may want to check on the legitimacy of the insurance company first and you can easily do this via the internet.

It is your responsibility to acquire all these documents especially if you are buying the quad bike for your 18 year old son? or daughter. Most teenagers prefer quad bikes as their school service because it is as fashionable as it is powerful. So prioritize the safety of ATV?s and it will always be a fun ride to have.