Conspiracy Theory of the Day – Yes This One is For You My Friend!

Conspiracy Theory of the Day – Yes This One is For You My Friend!

As one of my loyal readers of daily conspiracies from my over active mind and action drama writing exploits I bring to you today’s “totally made up” out of thin air conspiracy theory, and so sit back and enjoy while I explain to you the alternative version of what you think you know about the world we live in. Okay so, recently there was an in-board engine which exploded on an Australian Airliner taking off from Singapore. This was not any airliner, it was the largest passenger jet ever created in the history of mankind.

The jet engine was the top of the line and state of the art, the airliner virtually brand new, so what on Earth could have gone wrong? Okay are you ready for my conspiracy theory on this? Remember I make this stuff up daily just for you! So, here is the real skinny. A passenger on that flight was actually an Al Qaeda operative, who’d been given the information on how to hack into the on-board computer flight control system using a back-door code and the plane’s WiFi system.

Once into the computer just after takeoff and the seat belt lights came off, the hacker hacked into the system and put in the infamous “Stuxnet” computer virus worm, the same one supposedly used by Israeli or US intelligence to prevent the Iranians from loading nuclear reactor fuel into their new their new nuclear power plant at Brushehr, Iran on the coast along the straits of Hormuz. There were several spy agencies in on this, including several double-agents.

Some with interests in airport security technologies, some security defense companies (industrial military complex), and some Middle Eastern terrorist leaders who are very angry at the West along with Australians participation with NATO in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Yemen, tribal regions of Pakistan, who have recently received more secret funding from Iran. Okay so, now you know the whole deal, a look behind the curtain. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s made up conspiracy theory. See you tomorrow for another thriller of intrigue. Thanks for listening, Ah ha ha ha, ha!

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