Tips For Buying A Car, Old Or New

Tips For Buying A Car, Old Or New

Great care should be taken when buying a car, as this is probably your most expensive asset after your home.

As with the vast majority of industries in South Africa, there are always the dodgy few willing to compromise the sector as a whole but if you follow some simple tips, buying a new or used car should be a pleasure.

In recent times with the increased incidence of the repossession of motor vehicles by banks and other finance houses, motor vehicle auctions in Cape Town have become more and more popular and prevalent.

The big draw-back of auctions, however, is that you will have to do a lot of research into your car of choice by yourself. If you have little or no knowledge of motor vehicles, take someone who does along with you and always check up on any information given to you by the auctioneers.

Insist on a test drive and ask a knowledgeable friend to come along and assess the car.
Verify the car?s history by contacting previous owners if necessary.
Make sure it is not a code 3 (meaning two damaged cars that have been welded together) …