The Abc?s Of Car Rental Lingo

The Abc?s Of Car Rental Lingo

Have you ever walked in on a huddle of gaming geeks only to overhear some suspicious snippet of conversation that includes references to RPG elements, snipers and armies of bejeweled dragons? This kind of group-bound lingo is referred to as jargon and defined as ?a vocabulary peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group?. With technology developing at a lightning fast pace, new branches and varieties of shoptalk are cropping up every day, but this doesn?t mean that it gets any less confusing.

Ask me to describe the rental vehicle I saw and the best answer you?ll get is something along the lines of ?blue with silver bits along the edges?. Ask my partner and he?ll launch into a speech praising the long term rental vehicle?s AWD, DOHC and aftermarket additions. Instead of remaining ignorant as to the meaning of these mystifying acronyms, I set out to learn a bit about motoring lingo. Here is what I discovered.

Firstly, the scope of car rental jargon is so broad and varied that one could possibly write a dissertation declaring it to be a whole separate language and get away with it. One of the websites …

Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

Used Rolls Royce – The Phantom is a Formidable Car

I took ownership of a used Rolls Royce Phantom earlier this year. Since that day I’ve been telling everyone who will listen just what an incredible car the Phantom is. Relatively few people are lucky enough to own a car of this manner, and I myself waited many years to join this exclusive club.

Let’s begin with the Phantom’s exterior design. It looks, well, mean! Huge and powerful looking, the Phantom makes a formidable presence, and that imposing front end was what made me opt for the Phantom over other luxury cars. At more than five metres long, this is a car that commands respect and admiration wherever it’s driven. I don’t think I’ve taken it out once and not received glowing comments from other motorists.

Driving a Rolls Royce Phantom is effortless but immensely rewarding. The engine is almost silent and feels extremely refined. You might expect a car with an engine of this size to chug away like a bus, but at the wheel of a Phantom the driver feels totally at peace to enjoy the journey.

On the few occasions I’ve been torn away from the driving …

Why Do BMW Cars For Sale Hold Their Value?

Why Do BMW Cars For Sale Hold Their Value?

The BMW is a very popular car brand especially to sales representatives. The outside lane on the UK motorways got nicknamed the BMW lane because there will always be a BMW in your rear view mirror. So how does BMW do it? How do they get a car to be so popular and most of all hold a lot of its value?

BMW are a German based car manufacturer and right from day one they over engineered their cars they kept things simple and they built a reputation on good service and reliable cars.BMW has a look at them that is similar to the Porsche in the sense that they have kept the same look right from day one and this is because it worked and it worked very well. The grill and the round head lights is how people recognise the BMW.

They seem to have managed to capture the executive market this is reflected in the sleek styling the subtle styling that shouts class but yet can be very discreet at the same time which is something many other car manufacturers have not managed to do.

The build quality …

New Upcoming Cars For May 2010

New Upcoming Cars For May 2010

Every year, the auto industry is bombarded with the introduction of various new cars. In fact, as the New Year has come, every car manufacturing company has followed the trend of redesigning and updating their existing car models with greater frequency and reintroduced the market. This year too, the anticipations are very high and for car lovers the search for new cars is once again going to be trickier.

Perhaps this year too in the month of May, the Australian car market is all set to hit the top gear with the introduction of numerous new cars. Loaded with latest features like automatic drive, ABS and much more the new cars will flow from the entire spectrum of car makers present in Australia. Starting from utility vehicles to sports sedans, one can expect something more in order to suit their price range as well.

So if you are one among those looking to buy a new car in May, 2010 then here are some of the most popular and best brand new car models that you should look for:

BMW X6 Hybrid – In the month of May, BMW is going to introduce a …

Things You Ought To Remember In Line With Prestige Car Leasing

Things You Ought To Remember In Line With Prestige Car Leasing

Anybody who knows cars would recognize the Rolls-Royce as the ultimate symbol of luxury. Given their limited releases and customized features, Rolls Royce cars on sale fetch anywhere from $250,000 to $450,000. But their value goes beyond scarcity and looks. These vehicles actually boast advanced driving features and powerful engine performance, making them a close competitor of other luxury brands, such as BMW and Mercedes Benz. Some of its most famous series selections include the Rolls Royce Ghost and Rolls Royce Phantom.

Now, given the economic landscape, buying Rolls Royce cars on sale may not be the smartest thing to do. They are, after all, depreciating assets. And given their prices, you might just end up losing comfort, rather than gaining it with an investment that does not generate income, and will only be sporadically used. However, if you believe in it so much, there may be a way for you to satisfy your craving without breaking the bank. There are dealerships today that offer prestige car leasing in order to curb the negative effects of a brand new purchase, giving people a chance to enjoy a charmed life. …

The New Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo LP570-4 With Forged Wheels

The New Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo LP570-4 With Forged Wheels

Throughout the history of Lamborghini, no model has been more successful than the Gallardo, selling over 13,000 units since it was first released to the public back in 2003. The super car has gone through a number of generations and redesigns and before the next major update the automaker has decided to refresh the current-generation car and showcase it at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The new car features new looks with different colored bodywork, forged wheels, and updated LED lighting along with the same powerful engine and transmission as used in pre-updated models.

The first model showcased at the Paris Motor Show was the standard Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The refreshed design makes the super car appear more dynamic and aggressive while incorporating new technology such as LED lighting inside the headlights and taillights. A new fascia was given to the Gallardo that features trapezoidal shapes and larger air intakes to help cool the engine and braking system. The update also helps to generate downforce by incorporating a new spoiler for better handling at high speeds.

Each side of the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 features more aerodynamic sills that flow …

New Cars Predicted to Launch in 2020

The launch of a new car is the thing that has been waiting for when entering the new year. Not a few are even quite curious. Especially for those of you who really intend to buy or replace your old car.

1. Daihatsu Rocky

Since being introduced at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the name Daihatsu Rocky has been constantly being discussed. This is inseparable from the big name of the Rocky variant Daihatsu Taft which once existed in the 1990s.

2. Nissan Leaf

Different from Daihatsu, who still kept Rocky’s presence a secret. In fact, Nissan has confirmed that it will launch the Leaf in 2020.The car was even introduced in the middle of last year. Leaf will also be the first electric car launched by Nissan.

3. Nissan Kicks

Not only launching 2 electrified cars, Nissan will also launch another new car in the form of a compact SUV, namely Kicks. The presence of Kicks itself is planned to replace Juke in the Southeast Asia region.

4. Toyota Prius PHV

Next there is the Toyota plug-in hybrid car, the Prius PHV, which has joined the market for the launch of a new car this year. The appearance of …