Cars That Burn Water As Fuel Are Here Today

Cars That Burn Water As Fuel Are Here Today

You must be thinking “that’s crazy, water doesn’t burn”. And you are right; water does not hydrogen does!

Hydrogen is one of the most energy efficient fuels known to mankind; but in its raw state, it can be very volatile and dangerous.

However, when hydrogen is methodically extracted from water; it is very safe and stable; and can be harnessed to enhance the performance of any internal combustion engine; allowing us to use less fuel and prolong the lives of our engines; while at the same time improving engine performance.

Cars that burn water as fuel are possible today because of a decades old technology that has been repressed by those who profit from “big oil”; at the expense of all of us and to the detriment of our environment. That technology is available to us today and it is a remarkably simple technology to implement. For mere dollars, I can show you how to simply and easily convert any vehicle into one that will:

1. Get double; possibly even triple its current mileage.
2. Run more smoothly.
3. Have more power.
4. Have a longer engine life.
5. Contribute to a cleaner environment.

You might be thinking that if this were truly possible, everyone would be promoting this technology. Well, the truth is that many of today’s corporate entities do not want this technology to succeed because it provides us with a cheap, renewable source of energy that will lessen our dependence upon their primary products; thus taking away from their huge profits.

It has been said that the oil companies rule the world; and if you think about it; the world does run on oil. Oil is the still the primary source of energy, providing more power than solar, nuclear and wind generated sources combined. It is not difficult to understand that the oil companies would feel very threatened by alternative sources of energy that exclude their products; and that they would work hard to bury any technology that accomplishes that.

It is not yet possible to power engines solely by extracting hydrogen from water; but that day will come. It is possible today to have hydrogen assisted engines that will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year in fuel costs; and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Imagine being able to almost feel amused every time the price of gasoline increases because your vehicles are partially powered by water.

Cars that burn water as fuel are easily created by installing a simple conversion kit, made of components readily available at any hardware or automotive store. These components are assembled under the hood of your vehicle and tied into the fuel system.

The key element of this system is a small reservoir of water containing baking soda and metal coils. When the engine is running; a slight electrical charge, provided by the vehicles battery; courses through the water; which causes a chemical reaction. The result of this reaction is the production of HHO gas, a hydrogen derivative that is highly combustible.

This gas is then routed into the vehicles carburetor or intake manifold; and ignited as fuel.

It is by this process that less gasoline is consumed and engine efficiency is increased.

The technology is here today.