Breakdown Cover The Menace of Potholes

Breakdown Cover The Menace of Potholes

Having the forethought of breakdown cover is a god send in the case of a major break down, saving you the effort of arranging all of your own recovery as well as saving some of the extreme costs of calling out engineers. You do as much as possible to look after your car and keep it well maintained.

How frustrating is it then when nothing more than a ride down some poorly maintained roads causes more damage to your car than a five hundred mile heavily laden summer trek.

Road conditions seem constantly to be getting worse, potholes are caused by constant wear from cars and weather along with a lack of maintenance. They can cause your car serious damage, clanking in and out of potholes will lead to issues with your suspension as it is battered by undue shock, burst tires and even bodywork damage.

All of these faults put together will place undue strain on your vehicle overall, especially faulty suspension and bursting tires, will lead to further faults and potentially cause a major breakdown.

Luckily many of the major breakdown packages do still cover, to an extent repairs, undergone thanks to pothole damage. So for drivers the expense of repairs, if covered, will be saved to an extent, although pothole damage still contributes to the overall ageing of the vehicle, making further breakage and accidents unfortunately likely.

Unfortunately Britain’s pothole situation isn’t likely to get very much better. Adrian Trink from RAC breakdown quoted around 9.5 billion needed to fully repair Britain’s road network, however the majority of local councils, whose responsibility it is to maintain roads, seem less than enthusiastic about diverting funds. With Britain under the rule of austerity and the Conservative Party funds are in short supply for councils and so road maintenance has lost priority. The future impact of this on British motorists is yet to be seen.

All motorists can do is basically to try and avoid potholes as much as possible. Without swerving suddenly and wildly across the road, drivers should try to keep an eye out for portholes and drive around them if it’s safe. Slowing down over holes is will also minimise the impact of a pothole.

Angling headlights down closer to the road is one technique of making potholes more visible in dark or gloomy conditions. Angled down lights will more effectively catch the edge of the hole and cast a shadow.