Best Family Suv Goes To Nissan Pathfinder

Best Family Suv Goes To Nissan Pathfinder

You may think of the Middle East as just another vast place with tons of sand and quite a few people. You may think of this place as an endless dry area with nothing quite exciting happening.

And if you think that way, you are most certainly wrong for exciting things also do happen here. And it is not merely an endless area of dry sand and cactuses. You see, this is the very area where the Automobile Magazine is widely read and this is also where readers and editors of the mentioned magazine has chosen the Nissan Pathfinder as the Best Family SUV in its set of awards for this year.

Yes, the Nissan Pathfinder now holds the title the Best Family SUV as given out by the Automobile Magazine. Although it did had to compete with other strong vehicle models available in the mentioned market, the Nissan Pathfinder?s features did shine through and bested the rest. And at present, this vehicle is what the Middle East?s auto industry considers to be the leader when it comes to midsized sport utility vehicles.

So who chose the vehicle to take home the title of Best Family SUV? Well, Automobile Magazine?s set of editors from all across the Middle East took their time to judge and scrutinize all of the entries in the final list of nominated vehicles. And they were able to collectively decide that the Nissan Pathfinder with all its auto parts like the Nissan brake caliper is the one deserving to take home the award.

?Winning this award is a sensational achievement and just reinforces the pride that everyone in Nissan feels with delivering great vehicles. Nissan is committed to bringing automotive innovation and promoting the development of the auto industry. Since its introduction the new Nissan Pathfinder has successfully set a new standard in the family SUV segment and we are strongly confident that it will further excite the market and the drivers who want to own an SUV with high value-for-money, great road presence and superior comfort,? affirms Adel Faidi. Faidi is the assistant manager for Nissan?s Middle East Corporate Communications department.