5 Tips to Help You Reduce Panic While Driving

5 Tips to Help You Reduce Panic While Driving

Having a panic attack and don’t know what to is quite frightening. What if one is driving a car and suddenly has a panic attack, certainly it makes the things worse for him and for others as well for sure. Having a panic attack while driving can be extremely dangerous for both the driver and for the other people on the road as a panic person loose his/her concentration and cannot focus on driving. Here are given few points that will help you to overcome your panic while driving a car.

Listen to Soothing Music

One way to reduce your anxiety and panic attacks is to listening to the soothing music. Actually, when you have a panic attack, you begin to think of the worst possible scenario that can happen. You begin to think negatively instead of logically. Anxiety takes hold of your mind and you are in a state where you don’t know what to do. Listening soft soothing music can help you overcome such thoughts.

Go with a Friend

If you are one who has frequent panic attacks, it is better to ask your friend to accompany you in your journey. This will be a great way to keep those irrational thoughts away from your mind. Talking to your friend will help you feel relaxed and calm. Whenever, you feel that you are getting anxious, your friend is there to help you.

Create a Positive Statement to Repeat Over and Over

Another way to overcome your anxiety is to repeat a positive statement to yourself over and over again as soon as you begin to feel panic. Panic usually causes you to worry about things that there is no need to worry about and you are unsure about certain things which cause anxiety. If your anxiety is related to something of road accidents or driving, say something like ‘millions of people drive safely on the roads every day’ or ‘driving within the speed limits will reduce the chance of accident’ and so on.

Automatic Thought

Controlling our thoughts is definitely a tough task. Our mind can and will think on its own at times. You have to figure out those automatic thoughts that trigger panic attack in you. Once you discover those automatic thoughts that create the negativity, you will be in good position to manipulate these thoughts into positive thinking.

What Causes Your Fear?

The most important thing you can do to get rid off your panic attacks is to determine the root cause for your fear. Though, it may seem tough to you in the beginning but when you keep a track of your thoughts, you will soon come to know about the base cause of your fear. It can be anything, from a particular incident that happened in your life to crashes or accidents that you have seen in TV shows or movies. Once you are aware of the root cause, it become easy to overcome your fear.