Macarthur Ford Narellan?a Legacy Embedded

Macarthur Ford Narellan?a Legacy Embedded

Ford Legacy

Ford Motors revolutionized the way factories produced their goods and introduced the concept of ?specialization? to the business world. Its founder Henry Ford conceptualized the assembly line in producing many and quality products. This is the main legacy of Ford Motors and it is embedded in every Ford vehicle sold across the globe. Ford is America?s top automobile producer with its excellent cars and other vehicles that they sell and ship to other parts of the world.

Ford in Australia

Ford Motors has been in Australia since 1925 and started in Victoria as a subsidiary company of independent Ford Motors Canada. At present, Ford Motors Australia manufactures their passenger and four-wheeled vehicles to name a few with their own distinct style and engine.

Ford captured the need of the Australian public of reliable and impressive vehicles that has been tested by time. Ford is already a big name in the international market and there is not stopping for Ford Motors in penetrating the Australian Market. There are hundreds of thousands of Ford car models traveling the roads of Australia, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of its local dealers.
Macarthur Ford in …