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Car Transmission Repair And Maintenance In Tampa

If you have a car, it?s paramount to find a reputable auto service with a highly skilled mechanic that does excellent car repair and maintenance, especially on car transmission, in Tampa. Of course, all other car parts, such as the engine and brakes, are very important, too. Even the auto AC will need an AC repair specialist in the heat of Tampa. Automotive experts will tell you, though, that even as overall maintenance is essential, particular care needs to be given to the car?s transmission. A good motivation for proper maintenance would be the knowledge that transmission repair can be very expensive in Tampa and anywhere else. Prevention is always wiser and cheaper.

You can do some simple diagnostic checks on your own car transmission right at home in Tampa even before taking it to an auto service shop. Always look at the surface of the parking slot beneath your car. Any sign of a leak is a warning. It could be your transmission fluid that?s leaking all over Tampa.

You should also check the condition of your transmission fluid with its dipstick. Wipe the dipstick first with a clean piece of cloth. Dip it into the transmission fluid and allow the fluid to drip onto a piece of white paper. It should be transparent and reddish, and should not contain any black flakes or metal filings. Finding black fluid or a burnt smell in the fluid are both danger signs that should have you consulting a mechanic as soon as possible.

You can likewise check the state of your transmission even as you are driving around Tampa. Start your diagnostic test right in the driveway before you leave your house. When shifting from the ?park? position to the ?drive? position, you should feel your transmission engaging very smoothly without any delay, jerking motion or clunking sound. The car should feel like it is immediately about to move forward. The same smooth, silent and immediate engagement should likewise happen from the ?drive? position to ?neutral? and to the ?reverse? position. Of course, it is assumed that you observe all the proper driving procedures whether you use automatic or manual transmission.

Continue your diagnostic test as you drive your car. As it accelerates or decelerates, the gears should shift smoothly without any lags. Watch out for any jerks, shudders and weird noises. This could mean that your transmission has worn out. Don?t confine your observation only to the early part of your drive, though. Sometimes problems come to the fore only after the vehicle has really heated up.

Overheating is another possible problem for your car transmission if you are not careful in the high temperatures of Tampa. Something as simple as continuously stopping and going in heavy traffic under extremely hot conditions can lead to overheating. So does heavy loads on the vehicle. The heat burns the transmission fluid, leading to its oxidation and resulting in deposits clogging the transmission. The heat also hardens the transmission?s rubber seals and gaskets and warps metal parts. The transmission develops leaks and then finally fails to perform.

Be careful about the type of transmission fluid you use, too. There are separate types for automatic and manual transmissions and they are not interchangeable. Using the wrong fluid for your transmission will cause it to fail.

If you ever need to have your car transmission repaired, whether in Tampa or elsewhere, make sure you bring it to the right automotive shop. Consulting an unskilled mechanic for car repair could actually do more damage to your vehicle, especially to its transmission. Get the best auto service possible for your car and you will not regret it.